Donations & Volunteer

All donations are tax deductable.

Donations and Volunteers are very instrumental in the success of Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. and Mita Maske Ti Ki, and they are greatly appreciated.

Currently, the organization has between five and seven active volunteers. The volunteers perform crucial tasks such as providing transportation to victims, providing comfort to victims by talking with them, cleaning the shelter, sorting through donations, and answering telephone calls. Volunteer trainings are held annually. To express their appreciation for the dedication of the volunteers, the Wiconi Wawokiya staff holds an annual volunteer recognition event to acknowledge and thank the volunteers and recognize their contributions.

To help women and children begin new, safe lives, Wiconi Wawokiya accepts donations of clothes and household goods. Often, victims will be hesitant to leave a violent situation because they have to leave behind their belongings.

The Wiconi Wawokiya staff suggests that, “Your material goods can be replaced, but you cannot.” With that philosophy in mind, the staff locates resources to start a new, violence-free home, and ensures that the needs of every victim are met.

Wish List for Women and Children:


Body Soap


Baby Wipes and Diapers

Towels/Wash Clothes

Laundry Soap

Household Items

Women and Children’s Clothing