Everyone in shelter needs to be here for their safety and Wiconi Wawokiya takes the meaning of CONFIDENTIALITY very serious. It is critically important that you too do not reveal the names of any women and/or children who might be in the shelter. Such an action could place that woman and her child in danger. Please respect the information that another woman shares about her life and her situation. If a woman tells you her plan for leaving the area, it is important that you do not reveal the plan to others.

A violent man looking for his partner has many eyes and ears in the community. Never disclose shelter security plans and/or details of security operations. Do not disclose information concerning other women and children you see here. What you hear and see here, stays here! This is for your own safety and the safety of others.


We will make every effort to keep you safe in shelter. We ask that you assist us in this effort in the following ways.

The shelter has a security system to keep you safe. A camera in the system allows us to see who is outside and the intercom will let us talk with anyone at the door. All advocates and staff are trained about the security of the shelter. No one who has not been authorized will be allowed to enter the shelter.

When advocates are present they will answer the door. You and your children are not allowed to open the door for anyone. If you have a visitor you will need to make arrangements to meet elsewhere. The door is to remain locked at all times.

Shelter residents will be provided a Handbook that will cover the rules and regulations during their stay.